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For advanced qualified musicians in the NSCC



  • You must have graduated RTC prior to this training

  • You MUST be an advanced musician, able to play the planned music set list.  There will be on-line auditions held in April and selections will be based upon proficiency and instrumentation needs.

  • Concert band instruments only

  • We are especially looking for: clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax, bari sax, low brass, percussion

  • While the audition excerpts are from the first chair music please understand that if accepted, your chair  placement will ultimately  be where the need exists in the band. 


  • Let us know you are interested by contacting LCDR Jeffrey Dao, NSCC at  Must included completed & signed* NSCTNG019   Click here for NSCTNG019.

  • *NOTE:   under current circumstances, we understand if you are unable to get the form signed by your music instructor and will trust your integrity

  • Upon receipt of above, you will be given an invite to the DropBox account where the designated music set list is held along with the audition selections.

  • Practice!  Practice!  Practice!

  • In April, we will email a sign up spreadsheet for you to sign up for an online audition.

  • Selections will be announced within one week at the conclusion of the auditions.

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