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Week 1 -- Star Spangled Banner

In doing an experimental mix below representing the first week's work, the following steps proved useful -- 

In Soundtrap:

  1) go through all the tracks and turn off any Reverb that is set on them

  2) go through all the tracks and micro-adjust the timing as needed to line them up

  3) go through all the tracks and adjust the volume/gain relative to the others

In Audacity:

  1)  Apply Effect..Truncate Silence to exported Soundtrap content

  2)  Apply Effect..Bass & Treble (+2dB for Bass, -1dB to Treble) for whole file

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The Experimental Mix has problems, mostly caused by timing elements (ritardando, fermata) in the music being inconsistently applied in the recordings through no fault of the musicians, because they didn't have a conductor in front of them.  So we've recorded a conductor!

Video of Inst Chandler Conducting (for re-do of SSB)

The video below will allow tighter timing for a re-do on the SSB work!  A metronome is embedded in the video for the first 1:07 if you turn on audio...

Reworked Star Spangled Banner -- Snapshot June 17 -- Still working on it

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