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STEP1:  complete the cadet application form/ nscadm 001 (pages 1 through 11)

click here for complete Cadet Application 


If you are an adult who would like to enroll to become a volunteer,

click here for information, instructions and application.


You will find the following forms in the application packet  


  • Member information and declarations (page 1-2). Note:  birthdate should be day/month spelled out /year. As in 02 feb 2018.  Let us know if someone referred you….he/she will have earned a recruiting ribbon! The email address for cadet, primary and secondary will receive all unit communications.  Applicant (new cadet)needs to sign P.1 2a and 2b in BLACK ink

  • Consent and release of liability by 18 yr old cadet (page 2 8a & 9c) parent to sign and date in BLACK pen in the presence of a BOTW staff

  • Report of medical history (pages 3 & 4)  This is filled out by the parent and gives us a heads up for any medical issues, food allergies etc.  The more you let us know, the more we will be able to prepare.  Sign and initial in BLACK INK (P. 4, 10a&b).  Computer generated signatures and initials will not be accepted.  Remember to fill out the dates for P.4, 5a-5c)

  • Report of medical examination (pages 5&6). Please schedule an appointment with your doctor and have this filled out and signed annually by your doctor.  Must be filled out on the Sea Cadet official form.  Forms from the doctor's office cannot be substituted.   Note: you should have an annual medical exam for school so just take this form to your doctor and have it filled out and signed

  • Report of medical history supplemental  (pages 7 & 8) do you take medication? Let us know!  If it is prescribed, the doctor must sign, if it is over the counter then the parent or guardian must sign.  If you do not need, mark with "n/a" and sign and return so that we know your cadet does not require any. 

  • Request for accommodation (pages 9 & 10) .  Do you require an accommodation to participate at our drill activities, PT or training? If you do not need, mark with "n/a" and sign and return so that we know your cadet does not require any.

  • Parental support agreement (page 11 only). Please let us know how you may help the BOTW.  We like to match you with tasks/jobs/project that you enjoy doing and have the skill set to complete successfully. Sign this page and return.



STEP 2: Don't forget to also submit

  • A copy of your current medical insurance card, front & back

  • A copy of your immunization record

  • A copy of your COVID19 vaccination card, if you have




STEP 3:  Submit your enrollment fee ($300) plus uniform deposit fee ($150) FOR A TOTAL OF $450 to our financial officer.  Make checks payable to ‘USNSCC BOTW”  ($150 of this will be refunded upon return of uniforms when you separate from the unit.  We request you dry clean your uniforms when returning them and if you choose not to, we will use $50 of your uniform deposit to do so)


When and ONLY when steps 1 through 3 are completed correctly, we will process you application and you will receive your official US Naval Sea Cadet ID card.  

Do not lose your ID. You are required to have NSCC ID with you when in uniform.


STEP 4:   To set up your music binder, music, and gig bag , please go to the 'Welcome Aboard' tab under Where do I get the BOTW music? 

STEP 5:  Schedule an appointment with our Supply team to be fitted and issued uniforms. Remember, these are REAL U.S. Navy uniforms and should be treated with respect. All uniform components should be returned upon resignation from unit.



THANK YOU for volunteering you time to help and guide our cadets.  

Remember:  The most important quality for our BOTW volunteers to have

is the ability to always follow the motto "It's For The Cadets!"

There are three types of volunteers:

Auxiliary: The Auxiliary consists of volunteers who only desire to make a limited commitment and whose responsibilities are occasional. 

Instructor & Officers:  Officers and instructors are adult volunteers who have made the commitment to become members of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps and to support the BOTW with a greater level of involvement. These volunteers are responsible for the day-to-day operation of the unit and drills. They attend the Officer Professional Development 101-301 series of training programs, which are designed specifically for USNSCC officers and instructors and wear NSCC uniforms (which includes the alternate uniform:  khaki pants and BOTW polo)    


  Eligibility Requirements

To qualify as an adult leader in the U.S. Naval Sea Cadets, you must be:

  • Be 21 years or older and not have reached age 75, but those 18 - 21 may qualify for Midshipman status in the NSCC, and those over 75 may qualify for an age waiver;

  • a citizen of the United States;

  • Adult applicants must be in good health commensurate with their age group and be free from any ailment or condition that would prevent them from satisfactorily performing their primary duty of supervising youth. NOTE: Adults not physically qualified to perform all duties may still participate with a waiver from NHQ considering the parameters of their expected contribution to the NSCC program;

  • of good moral character and able to pass a annual Federal and State background checks.



Complete the Adult Leader Application form (NSCADM 002) pages 1-6.

Click here for the adult application form


You will find the following forms in the application packet:

Member Information (page 1 & 2). 

Note:  birthdate should be day/month spelled out /year. As in 02 feb 2018.  Unit Name:  USNSCC Band of the West Division.  Unit Code:  12-3. Drill Location:  Redwood City, CA

Declarations (Page 3). A completed and signed declarations page, endorsed by the prospective adult volunteer and the commanding officer, attesting to the accuracy of the information provided and the applicant's understanding of the agreements, certifications, and authorizations required for participation in the NSCC program


Request for References (page 4)

Adults must provide three (3) character references


Report of Medical History (Page 5/6). Although a physical is not required, the Medical History form must be completed.

Proof of Medical Insurance. Copy of your insurance card front and back


Record of Immunizations

A copy of your COVID19 vaccination card, if you have


Photo. A full-length, side view photo; presentable clothes against

a plain backdrop.  This will not be used for your ID photo


DD-214. All applicants with prior military service shall submit a copy of their DD-214 (Record of Separation/Discharge) with their NSCADM 002. 




Hand in the completed packet to our Administration Officer along with the enrollment fee of $75 for processing.  Check may be made out to “USNSCC Band of the West”. Once the information is inputted and you pass the background check, you will received your Naval Sea Cadet Corps ID card.



Please see our Supply Officer to order your BOTW polo shirt

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