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Trainings fill up quickly—submitting required paperwork properly filled out will ensure a spot.  

You may lose your spot with delayed paperwork! 

If you miss a training with limited spots because you did not have the paperwork filled out correctly, that is on you. 

On this page you will find step by step instructions on how to sign up for a training, the forms you need for training, what you need before you sign up, and a link to search for a training. 


 Follow the Chain of Command.   All questions should be fielded to TRAINING or ADMINISTRATION.

Step 1: Find the training you want to attend by following the link:

Make sure you read the requirements and you meet the rank and age requirements before filling out any paperwork. DO NOT ASK FOR AN AGE OR RANK WAIVER. If you need to ask for a waiver pick a different training!


Before you move on to Step 2 you need to know:

  • Only TRAINING OFFICER can register you through Magellan. 

  •  No cadets will be registered for a training without all proper documents being submitted. It is not our job to chase you down.




Step 2: Submit an email to TRAINING OFFICER with the following information in your email: 

1.     Name of the Training you wish to attend 

2.     Training Code

3.     Name of cadet 


**STAFFING A TRAINING. If you want to staff a training then for item 1 the name of the training would be STAFF RTC CAMP PARKS DUBLIN ( or whatever the name of the training is you want to staff). 




Step 3: You will receive 'Request for Training Authority' (NSCTNG001) from Training Officer, INST Ming Ikehara. You need to COMPLETE and return this to: TRAINING OFFICER.   The form must be completed, including parent or guardian signing and initialing where indicated.


Step 4: 

1. Fill out the Medical History pages 3 & 4 dated within 30 DAYS of the START DATE OF THE TRAINING (this is not today's date or the date you submit. Look at the day the training starts and count back 15-30 prior to that date and use that date) 


2. If your cadet’s health changes before the training we will replace the Medical History to reflect their current health status. We will NOT sign your Training Orders without this properly filled out. You could miss out on a training if this is not submitted. 

click here for Medical History Form

3.  Make sure your Medical Exam pages 5 & 6 is dated within one year of the training, if not you will need to get a new one by going to your doctor and having it filled out. Note: you should have had a medical exam for school so just take this form to your doctor and have it filled out and signed—another physical exam is not required so long as the last physical was within a year of the training.

click here for Medical Exam Form

4.  Do you take medication? You need to submit a new Medical History Supplement pages 7 & 8 dated within 30 DAYS of the START DATE OF THE TRAINING. If it is prescribed, the Doctor must sign, if it is over the counter then the parent or guardian must sign.  If you do not need, mark with "n/a"

click here for Medical History Supplemental

5.  4.  Do you require an accommodation to make it through training?   You need to submit a new Request For Accommodation, pages 9 & 10 dated within 30 DAYS of the START DATE OF THE TRAINING.   If you do not need, mark with "n/a"

                                                                                                         click here for Request For Accommodation

6.  A copy of your current medical insurance card, front & back


1.      NOTE: If you miss a training with limited spots because you did not have the paperwork filled out, that is on you. 


Step 5: Email ALL documents, SIGNED, to our ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER or hand in at drill. Once all required documents are received, we will sign your training orders. 

Step 6: After the COTC receives your request through Magellan, you will receive an email stating you are CONFIRMED. This means you have a spot and need to get payment and other details completed to get APPROVED.  This is the time you read all the details of the training. Do not expect TRAINING or ADMIN to know all the details, each training is different. If the training requires other documentation in the welcome aboard letter or the details, notify ADMIN or we might not get it done. Once you have confirmation THEN YOU MUST PAY per the instructions for your training. Do not pay before registration or the COTC will not have any paperwork to connect the money to.


Step 7: When the COTC receives payment (and any other required documents as specified), you will be 'APPROVED'.  Re-read the welcome aboard letter and all the details of the training. If base access needs to be filled out get it done or you won't be able to get on base for graduation. Look at the sea bag list and make sure you have everything before the last BOTW unit drill of 15 December 2018—some things might need to be ordered so do not wait until the last drill of June to request uniform supplies. Make your travel plans; there are usually carpools.

Step 8:  If you are attending RTC or Orientation, you are REQUIRED to have your sea bag pre-inspected.  This is to make sure you have followed directions and are ready for your training. We will not give you your service jacket until all steps are completed.


PRT: You must have a PRT date within 6 months of the start date of the training. If you do not attend drills before training and do not have a PRT date we will not register you or give you a pass because you THINK you can pass or have passed it before. Be at drill, pass the PRT or don't bother signing up. 

Travel: It is up to the individual cadet to acquire their own travel to and from the trainings. The unit does not provide group travel. 

DO NOT CONTACT THE COTC DIRECTLY! Any questions or concerns MUST go through our TRAINING OFFICER PER THE COTC'S. If they receive emails from you, they will email us and ask us why we didn't answer this first. Do yourself a favor and email us first. 

Renewals: In order for ANY registration to take place your renewal fee MUST be paid prior to the training. Your ID must current and paid for leading up to and including the training period.

DETAILS OF THE TRAINING: It is your responsibility to read details of the training. Do not expect TRAINING OFFICER to know all the details—each training is different. If the training requires other documentation in the welcome aboard letter or the details, notify ADMIN OFFICER or we might not get it done. Some COTC's have their own website, a Shutterfly or Facebook page. They will usually let the cadet know about this via the email listed on the NSCTNG001. They don't let ADMIN OFFICER know about those special ways they want to communicate for their training. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!



  • Type or use BLACK INK ONLY, if filling it out by hand. We prefer to generate one through Magellan.

  • Dates MUST be entered as DD MMM YY (for example, 18 JUN 14).

  • USNSCC/USNLCC ID number is on the ID card. If you don't have it, you may email ADMIN.   

  • Exp Date refers to their Sea Cadet ID card expiration date. MMM YY (for example, AUG 16)

  • DO NOT TYPE your initials or signature on any form, THEY MUST BE HAND WRITTEN.

  • RATE for CADETS is E1 (not SR), for example. RATE for Navy Leaguers is LC1 (not SR), for example. 

  • Emergency Contact Name must be someone other than parent or guardian. 

  • Registration is expedited when all the paperwork and logistics are complete. If a training has limited spots, you want to make sure all your requirements are met. Correctly filled out forms will help ensure that your child is quickly and efficiently registered for the training. It is highly recommended you keep a copy of everything you submit, we do our best but things do get lost.

  • Medical History (NSCADM 001 page 4): This must completed by parent and submitted with training authority DATED within 30 days of the training start date.  EVERY TRAINING EVERY TIME! *(As long as medical history has not changed within the last 6 months there is no need to update page 3 ONLY page 4.) Please make sure to include all information on this page! NO TYPED SIGNATURES OR INITIALS ARE PERMITTED. Print out the document, initial and sign then scan Send completed pages 3 & 4 to ADMIN OFFICER.

  • Medical Supplemental (NSCADM 001 page 7 and 8): must be signed by a doctor for prescription medication. We recommend going every March and October to the doctor for prescription medication. THIS MUST BE DATED WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF EVERY TRAINING. If your child needs over the counter medicine (non-prescription) this form is still required but does NOT need a doctor's signature. Even if your cadet does not require medications, this form you must be filled out and write 'N/A' (not applicable) on it. 

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