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Assignment 1

Learn about veterans

Library of Congress Veteran History Project


World War II veterans interviews

More veteran interviews

V-E Day: 75th anniversary veteran interviews (vets who were in service on V-E Day May 1945)

75th Anniversary Interview with veteran Jim Baynham


Questions for Veteran Interview:

  • How old was your veteran during the war?

  • Were they wounded or captured? 

  • What did they do after the war?

  • What advice would this veteran give to a Sea Cadet considering a military career?

  • Which conflict, and in what theater, did you serve? 

  • What was your MOS/rating? 

  • Did you like your MOS/rating? Why or why not?

  • If not, is there any MOS/rating you would have preferred?

  • Did your military experience serve you in the rest of your life? How? 

  • Was your sacrifice worth it? Why or why not?  

Questions?  Contact INST Donald

Assignment 2

Learn about WW2 and V-E Day

National WWII Museum

75th Anniversary Interview with veteran Jim Baynham

Imperial War Museum (UK)

Google Arts & Culture - WWII

Naval History & Heritage


Recommended Movies List

Cadets:  Check with your parents about your choice of movie.  Some of these films are particularly intense. Films released after 1980 will have much more realistic special effects and could be more frightening, including graphic representation of the brutality of warfare leading to an R rating in some cases. 

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Assignment 4

Learn about famous Navy names

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